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LocustMine integrates many types of data for Locusta migratoria

The gene models and other genome annotation in LocustMine are produced from Locust Genome Project Read more

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LocustMine loads predicted protein protein interaction from homology evidence, co-expression networks from WGCNA method. Read more

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LocustMine loads homologue predictions based on InParanoid Read more

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LocustMine loads functional annotation from Locust Genome Project Read more

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LocustMine loads transcriptional regulation data from transcriptional regulatory network (TRN) constructed from large number of transcriptome profiles with aggregating eight TRN reconstruction methods. Read more

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LocustMine loads various gene expression data from our laboratory. Read more

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LocustMine is developed by Eco-genomics and Adaptation Group at Beijing Institues of Life Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences